Consulting Services

At Tomorrow’s Health, we are hiring for an Experienced Public Health Consultant.

Prerequisites for this position:

  • Based on client’s previously established goals/objectives
    1. Coordinate and hold virtual (via tele- or video-conferencing) consultations
    2. Collect and analyze data and present results, conclusions and recommendations
  • Develop and/or modify pertinent documents
    1. Meeting minutes, notes and action items
    2. Policies and procedures
    3. Documents for other regulatory requirements
    4. Proposals or other presentations
    5. Strategic development plans
  • Manage special projects determined by the client
    1. Coordinate project meetings
    2. Track project timelines and milestones
    3. Communicate progress with stakeholders
covid-19 genome sequence testing

Consulting Services Duties

COVID-19 Health and Safety Policies and Protocols

  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Religious Groups
  • Other

Clinical Laboratory

  • Lab Test Development and Validations
  • Laboratory Management
  • Quality Assurance

Public Health

  • Infectious Disease Surveillance
  • Laboratory Diagnostics